Ecowater 2000

Brandyn has been a family friend for many years, and when I needed assistance with tech problems he always seems to be able to help out as needed. As my company expanded from time to time I would need more and more challenging problem fixed with computer and tech issues and again he always came through. I have been satisfied with his early efforts in building our websites, and then very happy with the improved product. First the website was there, which it had never worked before. Then the website was attracting attention and getting hits, which had never happened before. And just this week we made our first sale from contact to completion all done through the website, and that is what we are looking for, success! On a personal note I would like to add that Brandyn always seems to have a good work ethic, and agreeable disposition, that worked for us as well.

Brent HofferdManager at Ecowater 2000Ecowater 2000Kelowna B.C